Time Is On Their Side

The new and the old about Mayhew Steel Products.

This line takes the company into a realm that, as Lawless explains, is close, but not exactly Mayhew's specialty. "The Cats Paw line features a collection of more conventional tools, like screwdrivers, bits, sockets and scrapers. Although they're manufactured overseas, we're being very careful in making sure they meet our specifications for quality and performance," he states.

Lawless continues, "Basically, we know how to make excellent pry bars, chisels, punches and other types of particular hand tools, but the more basic items are not something we specialize in. So the premise with Cats Paw is implementing our strengths in terms of distribution and extra features to provide a high-quality tool at a lower price point. These products aren't on the same level as the Mayhew brand, but they're still a premium product targeted at the professional," he explains.

Some of these extra features include metal-capped handles like those on Mayhew's Dominator® Pry Bar, as well as higher quality steels in the screwdriver blades.

The cliché is that change is good. Examples abound which demonstrate that's not always the case - just ask those behind the concept of New Coke.

Fortunately for Mayhew, change has been very good. Not because it led to something different, but because change has pushed the company in new directions that have led to growth and opportunity. "Looking ahead, we just want to grow in our niche, and continue to sell quality," states Lawless. Still the same goal, but with new practices in place to reach it.

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