Will SenX Mark The Fuel Injector Problem?

Tool Review

SenX Technology recently unveiled their FirstLook Automotive Injector Diagnostic Sensor, model ADS ES 300 for troubleshooting fuel injectors.

The tool works by connecting to the fuel rail and a lab scope, or graphing multimeter. Most of you probably remember SenX's first product, the FirstLook

Automotive Engine Diagnostic Sensor, which focused on examining pulses and waveforms from the engine in pinpointing individual cylinder issues.

This new tool works in much the same way, but is focused on showing how each individual injector is performing. This is done by measuring fuel pressure spikes as gas goes in and out of each injector.

We placed this new SenX tool in the hands of Innovation Award panelist and ASE-certified Master Technician Mike Steptoe, owner of Reliable Auto Repair in Fort Atkinson, WI.

The Review

Steptoe offered the following thoughts and observations on the FirstLook? Injector tester.

  • "I was really shocked by the tool's sensitivity in analyzing the injectors. The spikes on the scope were pretty dramatic.
  • "The biggest positive with this piece of equipment will be in selling fuel injector and fuel system cleaning services. Performing these tests with this tool allows you to show the vehicle owner when it might be time to run a decarbonization service, or perform an off-the-car cleaning. In that respect this could be a real money-maker, especially with the recent spikes in gas prices.
  • "I would definitely recommend using a scope along with this tool. It will make capturing the data much easier. (Steptoe uses an Omitec PDA lab scope.)
  • "I think this tool could also be a big help with no-starts. Vehicles need 3 things - fuel, spark and compression. You can test 2 out of the 3 (fuel and spark) with this tool, so that helps narrow things down when dealing with those types of problems.
  • "There's somewhat of a learning curve in understanding exactly what the scope is showing you in relation to each injector. This involves syncing the tool to an individual injector, which takes some time. But once you get a foothold on what you're looking for and how to capture that data, the tool works great. I think it will be a real winner."

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