Costs Offer Opportunities

Right now it seems that there are two major cost-related issues driving headlines in the automotive repair marketplace. In no specific order, I’m talking about rising fuel prices and skyrocketing refrigerant costs. While both certainly have negative side effects for your business, they also offer an opportunity for the proactive technician and shop owner.

First, let’s tackle the impact of rising fuel prices. Obviously, the more a customer is spending on gas, the less they’ll have for things like vehicle maintenance and repair.

However, what if your engine decarbonization services were positioned as a way to improve gas mileage? What if the customer was educated as to how maintenance factors drive overall vehicle efficiency, which can lead to saving a couple of bucks at the pump?

What if you explained how tire rotation helps preserve tread and improve the vehicle’s grip on the road, which leads to more efficient handling and less fuel consumption? Do they know the gas mileage benefits that can be realized from cleaning a vehicle's fuel lines?

Now, what about the rise in R134a refrigerant prices. Are you keeping your customers informed on how routine inspections can minimize their exposure to these costs by finding system leaks early? Do they know the dangers of trying to stick unapproved refrigerants, dyes or sealants into the system themselves? Do they realize that you, as a professional service provider, can do things to help lessen the impact of rising A/C system costs?

How did you answer these questions? If you’re keeping your customers informed on all of these topics, than I’m guessing your shop is doing quite well. If you answered no to any or all of them, then maybe it’s time to start striking up these types of conversations.

We all know the cliché about lemons and lemonades, and it certainly applies here. No one likes to pay more for anything, but instead of focusing on the negative aspects of these current market conditions, you can use them to sell services that help you make money, and reinforce the importance of vehicle maintenance for your customers.