ROI: Tire Rotation/Wheel Balancing

Many technical speakers have discussed the merits of performing tire rotations to increase profits. All you need to get started is a Bend-Pak model P-6 or P-6F Pit Lift. To increase this lucrative service's profit earning potential, it helps to combine wheel balancing along with the rotation.

Tire rotation only - 4 wheels.
Are tire rotations really that profitable? You do the math.

Price per service: $16.95
Parts/Supplies: $0.00
Labor Costs: (Based on an average hourly wage of $20.00) $5.00
Profit per service: $11.95
Frequency: 60 jobs/month.
Total profit/month: $717
Cost of unit: $2,000
ROI timeframe: 2.8 months to recoup the cost.
1st year profits: $6,604.00
Annual profits: $8,604.00

Tire rotation with wheel balance - 4 wheels.
A Ranger model DST-1000 wheel balancer was designed for virtually all domestic and foreign automotive and light truck wheels.

Price for service: $60.00
Parts/supplies: $6.00
Labor: $20.00
Profit per service: $34.00
Frequency: 40 jobs/month.
Total profit/month: $1,360
Cost of unit, lift: $2,000.00
Cost of unit, balancer: $1,950.00
ROI timeframe: 2.9 months
1st year profits: $12,370.00
Annual profits: $16,320.00

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