Wireless Gas Analyzer Looks To Add Convenience, Quicker Results

Emissions Systems recently unveiled their 8000 wireless 5-Gas Analyzer. According to the company:

  • The 8000 allows for hands-free vehicle testing within a 30' radius. The shop can also retrofit an existing machine with the company's new wireless software kit.
  • Gas readings and AFR or LAMDA can be displayed with a Palm Pilot. Additional test results can also be downloaded automatically from the Palm for viewing as a line graph.
  • The unit provides added portability for performing road tests.
  • The 8000 offers quicker warm-up times.
  • The software's database can save information to a customer's name, or VIN number.
  • The unit is covered by a 3-year optical bench warranty.

To see how the unit would hold up in the shop, we asked Innovation Award judge Chuck Svitak, owner of AutoTech in Boca Raton, FL, to try it out. Here are his thoughts.

The Review

  • "First, a more compact, lightweight design makes this unit great for road tests, as it's small enough to fit in the trunk.
  • "Having the option of either running off its own self-contained power source, or the cigarette lighter, also offers a measure of added convenience.
  • "The wireless functionality was nice because we could walk around without having to worry about cords and connections. We also tested it, and the unit worked from up to 30' away.
  • "I was impressed with how quickly it operated, from start-up to data acquisition.
  • "Jon (Palek) and the guys at Emissions Systems were great in terms of answering questions and getting us going. They seem to really stand behind their product.
  • "The only drawbacks I saw was that our computer was not new enough to unlock all of the tool's potential. So that is probably worth looking at before you buy.
  • "Also, depending on what you use with it, the screen on the PDA we used was tough to read in the sunlight. It's not really a negative, just something to consider when buying the unit.

"Overall, the machine lived up to its billing. If you're looking to get the results of a dyno without actually buying one, this piece of equipment could fill the gap."

For more information on the 8000 wireless 5-Gas Analyzer from Emissions Systems,

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