Latest Winners Simply Make Things Easier

The Gold Standard
Power Probe's latest offering is their Gold Series lead set for quicker electrical troubleshooting with the Power Probe tester. Features of the new leads include:

  • High current 10-gauge multi-strand leads.
  • Gold-plated electrical connectors.
  • The flexible, stackable leads come in lengths of 1', 3' and 6'.
  • 2 self-centering piercing probes help save finger tips, and make wire piercing easier.
  • The probes enable you to center pierce wires from 28 to 8 gauge.
  • The company's banana jacks, plugs and adapters are shrouded for added safety, and standard-sized at 4 mm to ensure compatibility with all circuit testing equipment.

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The scope of products for automotive repair grows every day with the introduction and upgrade of new tools and equipment. All of these new items promise some sort of timesaving or labor-reducing quality, but being that they're new, it can be difficult to separate the top performers from the dust collectors. The Innovation Award presented by Professional Tool & Equipment News works to do just that by recognizing truly new and innovative products that the end-user feels can help save time or make a particular service easier. In identifying these winning products, PTEN calls upon the services of 12 ASE-Certified Master Technicians and Shop Owners to spotlight the best of the best. PTEN uses selections that are based solely on the panel's frontline-tested observations, thoughts and opinions, and without the input of advertisers or the magazine's staff. Congratulations to this issue's winners and special thanks to our panel for their dedicated service in recognizing the best our industry has to offer.

Faster Fuel Pump Service
The LT-940 Gas Tank Fuel Pump Removal Tool from Lock Technology helps remove plastic fuel pump retaining rings with an adjustable design that fits most of these applications. The new tool can be used with a 1/2"-drive extension and ratchet for quicker removal and installation. Its design also helps prevent damage to the original retaining ring.

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Beat The Heat
New from Induction Innovations is their Mini-Ductorâ„¢, which uses high-frequency magnetic fields to heat metal objects, without an open flame. The company feels this can help in the removal or installation of metal hardware or parts without having to use a torch, or worry about melting plastic.

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Less Guessing, Quicker Results
Bridge Analyzers introduces their Model 9005 (5-Gas) and 9004 (4-Gas) hand held infrared gas analyzers. These smaller and more rugged testers can be used in measuring exhaust gas to BAR-97 specifications, while running for up to 3 hours on their own batteries. All accessories are also included.

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