Casing Care

Ensuring only sound casings are retreaded.

When it comes to retreading, the tire casing and the retreader are key. Because no two worn casings are exactly alike, every one must be treated individually during the retreading process. A retreaded tire is only as good as the workmanship and the quality control in the plant that manufactured it.

Obviously, a higher quality retread will have a higher initial cost. However, higher quality retreads deliver more miles, leading to a lower cost per mile. Plus, there are more subtle savings such as less downtime for changing tires and fewer expensive, time-consuming on-road failures.

David Kolman is Associate Director of Tire Retread Information Bureau (TRIB), a non-profit, member-supported industry association dedicated to the recycling of tires through retreading and repairing, and to promoting proper tire maintenance for all tires.

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