Teaching Old Dogs New Tricks

Charting a career path in maintenance management.

  1. Discover the tools available to spec' equipment in the computer age;
  2. Develop a systematic method to evaluate new products;
  3. Find out how to maximize warranty recovery;
  4. Learn how to cost out new equipment, and develop ROI numbers;
  5. Learn to speak the CFO's language;
  6. Learn the technical characteristics of alternative fuels;
  7. Discover the common pitfalls in laying out a new shop;
  8. Learn how to replace components just before they break;
  9. Ascertain what it takes to move from one generation of computerization to the next; and
  10. Learn how to audit to find out where you are in relation to your department's goals.

Course Description:

You'll learn how to effectively spec' vehicles, purchase wisely, negotiate warranty and best select suppliers and manufacturers.

You'll gain an in-depth knowledge of today's computerized management systems. You'll learn how to reduce costs through predictive maintenance, and how to properly analyze failures when they occur - and more.

  • Vehicle Specifications : Developing vehicle specifications; evaluating component choices; using mission simulations to predict performance.
  • Purchasing: selecting vendors, negotiating terms; evaluating parts quality and warranty.
  • Warranty: vehicle warranties, extended coverage's; federally required coverage; policy adjustments; negotiation.
  • Computerized Management Systems: Identifying needs and wants; evaluating software and hardware choices.
  • Advanced Budgeting and Financial Statements : Writing budgets; cost justification; communicating with the finance department.
  • Failure Analysis and Predictive Maintenance : Develop your own predictive maintenance program and prevent recurrent repairs through failure analysis.
  • Shop Layout and Design : Planning new facilities and expansions; designing your shop for safety and the environment.
  • Diesel and Alternative Fuels : A look at the pros and cons of currently developing alternatives to diesel power.
  • Shop Audits : Evaluating all aspects of the maintenance program.

These courses have been approved for Continuing Education Units through The University of Central Florida

For more information, go to www.natmi.org.

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