Left In The Dark

Counterfeting is plaguing the lighting industry.

**Tensile Loads: Wiring should not be considered an appropriate load-bearing component. It's easy to exceed the designed load limit by inadvertently installing wires under tension or snagging a section of wire on one of the moving parts. Using a wire bundle as a handhold or step can destroy the integrity of the conductor and connections. So can the weight of accumulated ice, snow, mud and other materials. Each of these points must be carefully considered when routing wires in a wiring harness. 

**Flexing: There are many circumstances on a truck where the wiring must not only make sharp turns around corners, but is also subjected to constant flexing where doors or hoods are opened and closed repeatedly. To prevent damage where wires must be subject to repeated flexing, avoid tight radius turns. Make sure the wire is not snagged or stressed at its maximum extension. Also, make certain that the wire moves smoothly through its flexing cycle and doesn't rub or scrape adjacent components.

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