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Ohio Trucking Maintenance Council

This year, the Ohio Trucking Association will once again participate in a "No-Zone" exhibit at the Ohio State Fair in August.

The assocation asks for volunteers to help man the display and discuss its meaning. It will feature a "No-Zone" tractor-trailer parked on the fairgrounds to show spectators firsthand the dangers of driving in a trucker's blind spot.

The exhibit will also feature videos, literature and other handouts.

The fair expects tens of thousands of attendees, which makes for a good opportunity for OTA to spread the word on safety in the trucking industry.

In other news, both the Ohio Trucking Safety Council and Ohio Trucking Maintenance Council have recently voted to elect new leaders.

Minnesota Trucking Association

MTA Chairman Bruce Goodrich pleads with his readers in the latest newsletter to pay attention to an upcoming amendment to dedicate sales tax on motor vehicles to transportation. "If the trucking industry does not get behind this initiative with a lot of heart and some cash, the referendum will not get passed and it will hurt us all," Goodrich says.

Further in his column, Goodrich encourages members to attend an upcmong seminar on ULSD (Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel) and how it will effect their particular fleets.

The Motor Transport Association of Connecticut

Connecticut's Motor Transport Association offers training classes on state law and the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations. Learn what your company must do to comply with everchanging State and Federal laws. These Safety and Compliance classes will take the mystery out of DOT safety audits, and increase your understanding of things such as annual inspections, driver qualification files, drug and alcohol testing, and hours of service.

Classes generally take place twice a month.