Warming Trend

How to heat your shop with the fuel you already have

Designs vary from manufacturer to manufacturer by configuration and air movement. Basic sizing depends on the quantity of oils available for recycling and the size and layout of the facility. Pricing can play into the decision but isn't the major concern since paybacks are usually very acceptable. Purchasers should look for atomizing type equipment, designed and assembled by long-term manufacturers in ISO shops. Units should be completely packaged, including on-board air compressors, metering pumps (for consistent fuel delivery regardless of oil mixture or viscosity) and factory-tested, including pre-firing.

Ron Foskey has 24 years experience in the environmental industry, all centered on combustion products. Since 1990, his concentration has been on energy reclamation from combustion of used oils with waste-oil-fired heaters and boilers, as Division Manager Waste-Oil-Fired Products Group for Thomas & Betts-HVAC (Reznor), Memphis, TN.

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