Big Van on Campus

How to manage a fleet of low-mileage university vehicles.

Flansburg's fleet ran into a replacement cycle issue due to their state affiliations. "We used to be under the control of the state of Colorado, and it was 140,000 miles (before replacement) for them," he says. "The problem is that in a campus environment, it would take twenty years for a car to go 140,000 miles. It doesn't make sense to hold a car that long. Our campus is a five mile radius. We have some of our maintenance vehicles that only go about 1,500 miles a year."


Even though it sounds like a particularly demanding and unique fleet to manage, Flansburg's biggest gripes in terms of maintenance are probably similar to those of a lot of city and delivery fleets: front end wear and tear.

"We drive in circles all day long, and we pop up on curbs, and go up on sidewalks, and bounce off," he says. "The way our campus—and most campuses are set up—service vehicles will jump up on a curb to get up on a sidewalk to get to a building; that up and off of curbs really affects our front ends a lot."

Carr agrees that his main issues are typical ones. "For the most part, we're just like any other fleets," he says. "We've got the new technology coming and going. And trying to get mechanics— that's another challenge."

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