Treasuring The Freedom

Independent mobile tool dealer Mitchell Fain looks for strength in numbers to get a new association started.

Fain cites Eastern Tool Warehouse's (ETW) Marcus Fulton as being especially responsive to his needs and concerns, while representatives from Neu Tool & Supply and Ralph Mills of Ace Tool have also been very helpful.

Woody Holloway joined Pirate Tools in December of last year. Formerly an automotive technician, he was simply looking to warranty some of his tools when he contacted Fain. "I was looking to bring on another truck, and Woody just had the right personality for this business. We talked about it and things have worked very well," states Fain.

"What I enjoy the most about this job is working with the guys in the shop and helping them finish the job by providing the solution," states Holloway. "This business is all about knowing what they need, and then filling that need."

Pirate Tools? "My youngest daughter Megan came up with that," recalls Fain with a smile. "She is/was really into that Pirates of the Caribbean movie. So we were sitting around trying to come up with a name for the new business, and she came out with that. I liked it immediately, and the customers absolutely love it.

"Down the line, depending on how many trucks we're able to get on the road, that name offers some really unique merchandising and promotional opportunities," he states.

Regardless of what the future holds, right now the combination of midnight black trucks, bright white and red paint and skull and crossbones graphics certainly get people's attention. However, even if they liked it, customers were not immediately open to working with a couple of Pirates.

"Initially we did have to prove ourselves and show that we were able to provide the same products as the big boys," Fain states. "It took some time, but eventually we overcame the label of carrying junk and demonstrated an ability to get them quality products.

"We showed up every day and really worked to service the customer. At the end of the day, it's as much about the guy behind the steering wheel as it is the name on the truck."

Even if you're a pirate.

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