A Safer Sales Approach

Nik Satenstein offers new insight on a familiar product category.

In the beginning of the column, I mentioned safety issues affect us, too. Get out of the way if someone is doing something dangerous, prop up a pair of safety glasses on your head when entering a shop, and give yourself some space during chemical use. How are your shoes and soles? We are one-person businesses out here, and time off for injuries can be crippling in many ways.

Also, be extra careful using your lift gate. Check its condition and watch for pinch points. If a box starts to get away from you, it's better to let it go. I can count five toolmen I know who sustained serious injuries, some career-ending, from trying to save a box from going over.

All told, we do a great job protecting our customers and friends in the shops. They trust us with their accounts, and we trust them with the tools we release on credit. Respecting their safety presents another way to bring extraordinary value to your relationship, and raises everyone's stature.

You can reach Nik Satenstein, Mobile Distributor (Matco Tools) West Chester, PA at nikmrhemi@comcast.net

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