Counterbalanced With Customer Service

Century Trading Company and mobile dealer Rick Hege balance their businesses with respect for the customer, and each other.

Words Of Wisdom

ermann says, “I really commend Rick for what he’s done. He’s built a great customer base out of nothing.” Here are some of his tips to do the same for your business.

  • “I get to go to Las Vegas once a year. I regularly attend AAPEX ( and SEMA for tool and equipment information. From previously working at SK, I already had a million contacts who now help both Marcia and me, and it’s nice to see them every once in a while.”
  • He says he uses informational materials from manufacturers as well as Professional Tool & Equipment News (PTEN) to learn about new tools and equipment.
  • “I’ve actually had techs come up and ask me to stop at their shops. Word of mouth is critical, which is why reputation is important.
  • “Competition is good, too. It gives my customers a choice, and when they buy from me, I feel even better.
  • “If you’re usually there Mondays at 8 in the morning, and you can’t make it, call the week ahead to let them know. It’s common courtesy.
  • “If you tell your customer you’re going to do something—do it. If you work hard, and you’re consistent, it’s amazing how much you can sell.
  • “If a customer looks too busy when I'm there, then I just let them know, ‘I’ll catch you next week.’ If they need something, they know they can call me.”

Hege mentions he typically works about 9-1/2 – 10 hours a day, but it always varies because he’s willing to do whatever must be done to leave his customers content. Similarly, Century Trading Company follows up on this rule of customer service to provide a balance that’s worth achieving.

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