Thinking Outside Of The Box

Eppy's showcases some new and effective ways to succeed in the tool business.

Alcamo chips in, ”We like to try to be more service-oriented. We match prices and offer 10 percent discounts on already discounted prices seasonally.“ In addition to exceptional customer service, you can find the Eppy's crew lending tool advice at trade shows. They also provide race car sponsorships, vocational school programs and scholarships. "Attracting young customers ensures a customer base that will last. These customers grow to trust you and become loyal customers in the future," Epstein explains.

“I’ve always wanted to be in control of a small, yet strong business, surrounded with good people, and now I’ve got it.” Epstein compares his once one-truck operation, Tools on Wheels, to his current business: "It's like having 20 tool trucks backed up next to one another with different merchandise on each." And now, rather than living by the limits imposed on distribution, Epstein moved his business from the box of his tool truck to a store, from a store to a catalog, from a catalog to a virtual store, from a virtual store to a tool club, and he’s brought it back full circle with a second store location. His thriving business is dispersed throughout many channels—now that’s thinking outside of the box.

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