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You know their products, now get to know the company as we profile Dent-Fix.

The company’s offerings entail nearly 100 products for measuring, drilling, pulling or preparing a vehicle for collision repair. “We’re really an instant PBE store, which is why we place a flier in every order. Distributors don’t always realize how much we have to offer.

"Our #1 seller has been the spot weld drill for quite a while, but we carry a broad range of body shop equipment. More importantly, however, is the role we embrace as a consultant in helping the seller to better understand the body shop, and our product’s place within them,” states Spitznagel.

Spitznagel says he can appreciate the difficulties that some distributors have in servicing body shops. “That’s why we’re always happy to talk with them,” he explains. “We’re ready to share our knowledge of the body shop and how to best serve this customer base. Sometimes that means actually referring them to products from other companies. The ultimate goal is to let them know that we’re here for them with products, service and advice. I’ll often tell a distributor customer to be open with the body shop. Tell them if you don’t know, but that you’ll find out. Then call us.”

Looking forward, Spitznagel says the company should continue to grow, with changes in vehicle repair technology driving the need for new products. As they do, Dent Fix Equipment and Spitznagel Auto Body Tools will work to provide the right product mix, a high level of service and a helping hand in meeting this market’s needs.

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