Accounting For Skip Accounts: What To Do And Not To Do

Matco Tools mobile distributor Nik Satenstein speaks of successfully managing skip accounts.

Don’t try to get back at your competitor by mistreating the customer. If you derive pleasure from knowing one of your competitors is losing money by your actions—you have a serious character flaw and soil the reputation of us all, not to mention how you’re violating the customer’s interests. There is serious competition on the street, but each of us needs to make a living. It’s no fun to see someone else get the sale, but your disappointment doesn’t give you license to strike back.

Earlier in this column, I indicated I believe in the honesty and character of our clients—I expect us, as mobile tool distributors, to stand on even higher moral ground. You should be able to look everyone in the eye when doing business. Be a pillar of integrity and fair play ... After all, isn’t that what you want and expect from your customers?

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