Change Breeds Opportunity

The first step is complaining. Then begrudging compliance. Then a shift to accepting it as normal SOP (standard operating procedure). Then either an appreciation for the improvement or a call for the way things used to be.

That's the flow chart for most people when it comes to either accepting or refusing to acknowledge change. The one thing those who long for the good ol' days fail to grasp is the opportunity new products, procedures or standards can represent.

For example, take a recent post on iATN that dealt with the prospects of a new refrigerant. While some applauded the positive environmental impacts, others preferred to dwell on the negative ramifications of investing in new tools and equipment.

I'll save my views on the environment for another time, but to me new refrigerants offer a great opportunity to validate the vitally important role you play in keeping the driving public on the road safely and comfortably ... albeit for a price.

In situations like these there's no reason to shy away from marketing your shop's capabilities, and never question the right you have in raising prices due to the training and tooling you go through in keeping pace with vehicle technology. Any opportunity for educating your customers on the systems you have to repair and service, as well as the firepower your shop supplies in meeting the demands of today's highly sophisticated vehicles, should be seized. Change will translate to opportunity for those who understand it.

Similarly, I'm shocked at the high number of shops that still haven't initiated a diagnostic charge. The amount of technology onboard the average passenger vehicle continues to grow. And as a result, the demands on you continue to rise. This means growing your business by meeting these challenges head-on, and then promoting the benefits that result.