Breaking The Code On TCCS Systems

Toyota's digital TCCS reduces processing time and improves self-diagnostics.

The latest TCCS with OBDII began to appear on some 1994 Toyotas and then rolled out gradually for full implementation by 1996. Diagnostics for this system is best handled with an OBDII-compliant scan tool.

After you've scribbled down the codes, remove your jumper and refer to a reliable shop manual with the specific information for that vehicle. Code numbers and diagnostic procedures vary with each model, and you could be led astray if you use the wrong book. Follow the exact troubleshooting procedure without skipping steps.

After you've fixed the cause of the code, you'll want to make sure that the code doesn't reset, so you need to know how to clear all codes from the memory. The method varies among the different systems, models and years, so it's best to, once again, refer to your shop manual. And, by the way, don't forget to reset the clock and radio stations if diagnostic procedures cut their power.

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