Judges Tab Time-Savers For This Issue's Winners

Nitrogen: Quicker & Easier
RTI offers their NTF-15 Plus Nitrogen Tire Filling System. The new unit can store nitrogen on-board for quicker availability and, according to the company, their exclusive tire deflation and vacuum system helps increase service speed while ensuring a higher nitrogen purity level. An included handheld device also allows for monitoring nitrogen purity in the unit's tank and a vehicle's tires. Additional features include a 5-year warranty and free on-site set-up and training.

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"Nitrogen tire service is becoming quite a big deal these days, and the RTI Nitro Pro seems like a very strong option."
Chuck Svitak, Owner
Boca Raton, FL

Hear You Go
S&G Tool Aid's 32100 Electronic Stethoscope can help locate the source of various leaks, as well as bearing noises, squeaks, rattles, faulty lifters, valve knocks and other sounds. The set comes with a microphone at the end of an 8" flexible shaft to help detect and amplify sound. The unit’s headphones also fit comfortably over the ears to help block outside noise. A 9-volt alkaline battery and molded storage case are included.

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"It looks like this could really help in finding some of those weird noises."
Mark Joy, Owner
Joy's Service Center
Wichita, KS

For GM Trucks And SUVs
Schley Products offers their 64500 GM Harmonic Damper Holding Tool for trucks and SUVs. The tool helps deliver faster crank bolt removal and installation on 4.2, 3.5 and 2.8-liter in-line GM engines by holding the pulley stationary in order to remove the center bolt. After installation of the pulley, the center bolt requires 110 lbs. of torque and 180 degrees of rotation to seat the pulley to factory specifications.

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"A real time-saver."
Joe Marconi, Owner
Osceola Garage
Baldwin Park, NY

Your Buddy For Electrical Service
Electronic Specialties offers their Fuse Buddy Tester and DMM Adapter for measuring current at the fuse box. Features include:

  • A design that allows for connecting into fuse sockets for taking current measurements or testing for parasitic drain.
  • The ends have been molded into the shape of a fuse for a more secure fit. During testing, the vehicle fuse is removed and replaced by the Fuse Buddy. According to ESI, a more secure contact means you can also remove the fuse and push a multimeter test probe into the fuse socket without the probes falling out.
  • Specially designed to handle mini fuses and current ranges from 10 milliamps to 20 amps.

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"This tester should make it much easier to diagnose circuit problems. It's a small, compact unit to take under the dash, and appears to be a great time-saver."
Phil Cook, Owner
Carolina Car Care
West End, NC