Winds Of Change Impact A/C Diagnostics

Dave Capper weighs in with some A/C focused troubleshooting tips.

Now it's time to address the mold problem itself. Apply an anti-microbial chemical treatment to attack and kill the mold. You may need to use a special applicator wand or nozzle to apply the chemical directly to the evaporator core. In rare instances, you may also need to remove and clean the evaporator.

Be sure the chemical you choose actually kills mold, and follow the directions exactly for that product. Deodorizers only mask the odor, they don't fix the problem.

You may even want to consider this as a preventive maintenance service, offering it on an annual basis. Remember, too, that many of today's cars have cabin filters, and performing this odor-eating service presents an opportune time for a filter change.
The world of A/C service will continue to evolve, so stay tuned to PTEN as these winds of change continue to blow.

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