Can This Yellow Jacket Help You See More Green?

Ritchie Engineering recently unveiled their Yellow Jacket® 39800 Refrigerant Management System (RMS) with automatic, push-button operation for recovering, recycling, evacuating and recharging A/C systems. This unit carries a lower cost than the company's RMS 830 Fully Automatic Plus unit, but provides many of the same features, including:

  • Push-button operation for performing a number of other A/C system services, like oil injection.
  • Power charging for quicker re-fills.
  • Automatic air purging.
  • Leak checking capabilities.
  • The ability to refill tanks without changing hoses.
  • A built-in refrigerant management system to help track services.
  • A single-pass filtering system.
  • A heavy-duty, shock-resistant scale for more accurate charging.
  • A built-in accessory tray.
  • 10' hoses for easier underhood connections.
  • Free lifetime technical support.
  • The ability to charge from either the high or low side.

To see how the unit would perform in the shop, we asked Innovation Award panelist, shop owner and ASE-Certified Master Technician Chuck Svitak to check out Ritchie's newest unit.

The Review

Chuck Svitak is the owner of AutoTech in Boca Raton, FL. His feelings on the Yellow Jacket® 39800 Refrigerant Management System follow.

  • "I was leery of the unit at first because it's entirely electronic, which is very different from the equipment I currently use. It reminds me of the first time I used a computer. Initially you're hesitant, but once you become familiar with the equipment you realize how much the new technology can help your business.
  • "The push-button operation is very slick. With this machine's automatic functionality, you don't just walk away and come back in 15 minutes to set up for the next aspect of the service. You enter in system parameters, like the amount of refrigerant you want exchanged, the length of time necessary to hold the vacuum, etc. Then you push the right buttons all at once and walk away until everything is done.
  • "The streamlined nature of the unit made it very easy to use.
  • "Features like automatic oil injection helped save a lot of time and proved to be really convenient.
  • "Overall, I was very impressed with the machine and its capabilities."

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