Show & Tell

Like many across the country, I've grown to enjoy watching the professional gamblers of the World Poker Tour. I especially get a kick out of how these players can spot a "tell". A "tell", for those of you who don't know, is anything one player might do to unintentionally provide another player with some insight as to their cards or strategy.

Unlike poker, identifying the "tells" of a successful technician is not always that difficult. We don't need to take part in stare-downs, over-analysis of whether a person acted too quickly or too slowly, or keep a running mental history on how someone reacted to the same situation last time.

Not to be confused with the uncertainties of hiring a new technician, I'm talking about spotting those techs who are in a good situation, respected by their peers and usually end up being the go-to guy in the shop. One way that I think we can get a pretty good idea as to who these folks might be is by having a look at their toolbox.

I've been fortunate enough to spend time in shops everywhere from Puyallup, WA to Tampa, FL and Arlington, MN to Dallas, TX. And in doing so I've seen some unbelievable evidence of technicians who have invested up to $100,000 in individual tools and equipment. In my opinion, their monstrous toolboxes are proof of the pride they take in their craft, and in being the best at what they do.

So why not bring some added attention to individuals who have made this level of investment in order to provide the driving public with a higher level of service, and themselves with greater earning power?

Going forward, I'd like to spotlight your toolboxes (or your customer's toolbox if you're a distributor reading this) in our publication. If you'd like to share a picture of you and your tool collection, let me know. We'll make arrangements to have a photo taken that will appear in our next issue.

It's not the most subtle of "tells", but maybe it can help show others the level of dedication it takes to be among the best. So come on PTEN readers, you get to see our latest collection of tools in every issue, now it's your turn to show and tell.