Can This Cordless Make A Big Enough Impact?

Znex recently unveiled their 14.4-volt, 3/8"-drive cordless Impact Wrench with:

  • The ability to deliver up to 3,000 impacts per minute.
  • A maximum torque of 150 ft.-lbs.
  • A free speed of up to 2,300 RPMs.
  • A rotating battery base for greater clearance.
  • LED lighting in front to light up your work area.
  • A molded soft grip to help reduce vibration and fatigue.
  • Composite material that reinforces strength and rigidity.
  • A kit containing a 1-hour quick charger, 2 batteries and an impact-resistant carrying case with extra room for sockets.

One of these 14.4-volt, 3/8"-drive cordless Impact Wrenches made it to Rick Baker's Auto Service of Pleasant Hill, OH, and fell into the reach of Innovation Award panelist, shop owner and ASE-certified Master Technician Rick Baker. He had the following to say:

The Review

  • "I thought it worked well. It produced greater results in my shop than I expected.
  • "I really like the fact that it's cordless. It worked great in the parking lot and on service calls when people were stranded on the side of the road and needed us to change their tires.
  • "One of the features I liked was that the battery swivels out of your way, which is nice, especially if you're in a tight spot.
  • "One feature that I didn't like was that the battery seemed to run down fairly quickly. But that's how these kinds of tools are: You can't expect to use it all day without it getting run down.
  • "On the other hand, it did come with 2 batteries and a fast charger, which is convenient.
  • "It also gets slightly heavy compared to a traditional 3/8" impact wrench because it's a little bigger.

"It really did save me a lot of time. It sure beat using a breaker bar or lug nut wrench."

  • "It's great for using in a place where there's no air compressors around, like outdoors, so we don't have to drag an air hose outside.
  • "It's quick and easy for service calls, which we do a lot of here. All you have to do is grab it and go.
  • "It really did save me a lot of time. It sure beat using a breaker bar or lug nut wrench."

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