Will This Torque & Angle Wrench Measure Up?

Snap-on's TechAngle™ Torque Wrench is designed to measure torque and the applied angle by pre-setting the torque and the angle, while an internal gyroscope gives you the added angle. According to Snap-on, the end result is that you simply turn it like any other wrench, but without the need for extra gauges, protractors or scribes. The company also feels the tool can more accurately predict bolt stretch and applied torque, and save up to 5 minutes per head bolt when compared with a torque angle gauge.

Additional features include:

  • 4-button function control.
  • The ability to measure inch-lbs., ft.-lbs. and Nm., plus angles.
  • Degrees of rotation can be read when torque is applied.
  • Telltale indicators—beeping and vibration—for when you achieve angle pre-set.
  • There's no reverse rotation, so you can use the ratchet to get to the desired angle.
  • The same rugged design as the original TechWrench, which translates to better access in tight spaces.
  • Availability in 2 of the most popular flex-ratchet sizes; a 3/8"-drive model that can handle 5 - 100 ft.-lbs., or the 1/2"-drive unit for 12.5 - 250 ft.-lb. situations.

The Review

We sent the Snap-on TechAngle™ Torque Wrench to Innovation Award panelist and ASE-certified Master Technician John Fandell for some real-world testing and performance evaluation. He put it to use at Pro-Tech Automotive, Inc. in Denton, TX.

"I liked the Snap-on TechAngle™ Torque Wrench a lot, especially since it can replace about 3 or 4 other tools. It does everything!

"It speeds things up because you don't have to look for all the other tools needed for these kinds of jobs, and it performs a couple of different operations. It has the degree built into it and keeps track of it automatically.

"It also has all 3 features of a torque wrench—meaning 3 measurements.

"It's really easy to use and really easy to set up. The manual was helpful, too, but the tool wasn't as complicated as I thought it'd be. Because the wrench was such a breeze to set up, I didn't really end up using the manual after all.

"The handle was easy on the hand, so it makes you want to use it on everything. It's very comfortable to operate.

"The only thing I didn't like was that you can't turn it off, because I hate to waste batteries, but it does automatically turn off eventually. Personally, I just like to turn things off when I'm done.

"It saves a lot of time. You can use 1 tool to do 2 steps rather than using 2 or 3 tools to do the same thing. It's handy, and a great time-saver. I have no real complaints."

For more information on the Snap-on TechAngle™ Torque Wrench, contact your local Snap-on dealer.