Winners Aid Access

The scope of products for automotive repair grows every day with the introduction and upgrade of new tools and pieces of equipment. All of these new items promise some sort of timesaving or labor-reducing quality, but being that they're new, it can be difficult to separate the big sellers from the dust collectors.

The Innovation Award presented by Professional Tool & Equipment News works to do just that by recognizing truly new and innovative products. In identifying these winning products, PTEN calls upon the services of 12 ASE-Certified Master Technicians and Shop Owners to spotlight the best of the best. PTEN uses selections that are based solely on the panel's frontline-tested observations, thoughts and opinions, and without the input of advertisers or the magazine's staff.

Congratulations to this issue's winners, and special thanks to our panel for their dedicated service in recognizing the best our industry has to offer.

Lock For The Load

New from Lock Technology is their LT-680 Lower Control Arm Tool. The company feels this tool will revolutionize CV axle and strut repair by performing jobs faster and safer, with 1-person operation and without the risk of damaging components.
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"This tool looks like it makes replacing CV axles and struts safer and easier—with less time spent, which translates into more profit."

Phil Cook, Owner
Carolina Car Care
West End, NC

The Right Angle

Lisle offers their 39400 Angled Disconnect Tool Set for the spring lock couplings on Ford and Chrysler A/C and quick-connect fuel lines, as well as other couplings on domestic and import vehicles. Made of a more durable fuel and solvent-resistant plastic, the tools are angled to better access tight spots. Provided are 6 sizes, ranging from 5/16" to 7/8". Each is also available separately.

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"Angled design makes access easier and quicker."

Joe Marconi, Owner
Osceola Garage
Baldwin Place, NY

Straight To The Source

K-Line provides their handheld AT3635 Ultrasonic Leak Detector for pinpointing leaks in weather seals, shorts and arcing in electrical systems, and pressure and vacuum leaks in coolant, A/C, emissions, hydraulic and power steering systems, as well as air leaks around wheels. The tool works by pointing the detector at the area where you suspect a leak. If a leak is present, the unit will produce audible signals identifying its location. The AT3635 is part of a kit that includes a headset, an acoustic extension cone and a plastic storage case.

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"Sounds like a tool I would use often on vacuum leaks."

Rick LaChance, President
North Eugene Automotive
Eugene, OR

The Answers You Need ... Now

Waekon offers their 76760 kV/Arc Quick Probe for measuring and comparing peak kV, or verifying the proper firing of the secondary ignition system. By placing the tool's probe over the ignition wire, it can detect spark firings, which produce a flash of the super bright LED strobe. You then press a button, and the unit measures and displays peak kV on an LCD display. The goal of the tool is to determine if the secondary ignition is consistently firing, intermittently misfiring or not firing at all. The 76760 can also help indicate spark polarity on DIS systems; detect problems caused by faulty wires, plugs, caps, rotors or coils; and works on distributor and DIS systems. The battery-operated tool is backed by a limited lifetime warranty.

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"This tool looks like it will save a lot of time. Very neat."

Mark Joy, Owner
Joy's Service Center
Wichita, KS