A Cooler Alternative Or Hot Smoke And Mirrors?

MasterCool® by AdobeAir recently unveiled a new portable evaporative cooler, the Mobile WisperCool®. The economical MMB8 unit is smaller than the original line of residential and commercial mobile evaporative coolers, but features:

  • The ability to cool up to 500 square ft. by moving air up to 1,800 cubic feet per minute (CFM).
  • A smaller footprint, as it weighs 65 lbs. and stands 28-3/4” high, 22” wide and 19” in diameter.
  • Aspen cooling pads that help drive greater efficiency.
  • A 2-speed motor.
  • A top tray for storage and convenience.

Just to review, evaporative coolers work by taking water, which in this case was supplied by a garden hose, and running it through specially-designed aspen pads. An electric blower enclosed in the unit draws in hot air through the wet pads, where it's cooled, and then disburses it.

The principle is similar to coming out of the pool on a hot day. Water works as a natural coolant in removing the heat from one's body, or a hot shop, as it evaporates. The manufacturers of this equipment feel their products actually cool the air, instead of just blowing hot air around like a fan.

To see if the unit could hold its own under normal shop conditions, we placed it with Innovation Award Panelist, ASE-certified Master Technician and shop owner Mike Steptoe, of Reliable Automotive in Fort Atkinson, WI.

The Review

As luck would have it, depending on your vantage point, we dropped the WisperCool® unit off with Steptoe during a stretch of weather in which the temperature was over 90 degrees for more than a week. So the unit was put to task very quickly.

Here's what Steptoe had to say:

  • “We used this cooler in a repair bay that's about 700 square feet. We vented it by keeping the bay doors open about 1-1/2'. The result was a noticeable drop in temperature of about 10 degrees.”
  • “It was very simple to set up, and I liked the adjustable ducting or louvers.”
  • “I was also impressed with the strength of the blower.”
  • “I would think these units would be especially useful in very dry, hot environments, but not when it's overly humid. We noticed on really humid days that the cooler wasn't as effective.”
  • “Overall, the timing for this unit in our shop was great, and it definitely helped create a more comfortable working environment.”

For more information on the Mobile WisperCool® MMB8: Indicate 190 on e-inquiry.