ROI: Shop Lifts

The following worksheet implements average usage patterns and maintenance costs that could vary, depending on shop demands and product composition. The goal is to offer a starting point and add perspective on how a shop can re-coup their costs when investing in a lift.

Unit price
(above ground, 2-post, 10,000-lb. lift):
$3,000.00 $5,000.00
Usage: 800 vehicles/year; 16 vehicles a week x 50 weeks/year
Yearly maintenance costs: $300.00 $100.00
Average lifespan: 10+ years 30+ years
Ownership costs over the lifespan of the lift, using current numbers not adjusted for inflation: $6,000.00 $8,000.00
To recover all costs for the lift incurred during its lifetime, in 6 months, add: $15.00 $20 to every repair involving the lift.
In 9 months, add: $10.00 $13.34
In 1 year, add: $7.50 $10.00
In 18 months, add: $5.00 $6.67
In 2 years, add: $3.75 $5.00