Big-Time Boxes: Rick Hinks

Tech: Rick Hinks, owner of Auto Doctor in Norfolk, NE.

Box: First, there's the Snap-on 54" individually numbered Dale Earnhardt collectible box, in which Hinks stores his electric, pneumatic and specialty tools. From there, his 225,000 cubic inches of tool storage are encompassed by a full-sized Cornwell top and bottom locker, a 65" Cornwell rollaway, 2 side lockers, and a combination 60" Cornwell rollaway and top chest. In all, this tool storage system measures 21' across, stands 70" high, provides working space and gives him a place to keep his laptop.

Profile: Hinks says his biggest issue is keeping everything he's accumulated over the last 20 years organized. Former and current Cornwell dealers Terry Harrel and Brent Wilson (pictured) have supplied Hinks with many of his favorite tools, such as the Ingersoll-Rand 1/2" Titanium impact wrench, OTC Genisys™ scan tool and Power Probe for electrical diagnosis.