ROI: Brake Service - Fluid Exchange

Fluid Exchange

Price per service: $95.00 Complete bleeding and fluid exchange.
Overhead Costs: $12.00 Includes brake fluid and general shop
operating costs.
Labor Costs: $12.50 Times, and therefore costs, will vary based on the use of a unit that does or does not offer automatic operation.
Profit per service: $70.50
Frequency: 15 jobs/month AAA and the Car Care Council recommend brake fluid changes every 2 - 3 years.
Total profit/month: $1,057.50

Cost of unit:


Composite average taken from all makes and models, although the difference in price will vary based on specific features.

ROI timeframe: 4.3 months
1st year profits : $8,190.00
Annual profits: $12,690.00 This number should grow annually with price increases.
Price per service:
Overhead Costs: What are your fluid and other associated costs?
Labor Costs:
Profit per service: Subtract overhead and labor costs from the price you charge.
Frequency: jobs/month
Total profit/month: Profit per service multiplied by frequency.
Cost of unit:
ROI timeframe: Cost of unit divided by profit/month.
1st year profits: Profit/month multiplied by 12. Subtract that number from the unit cost.

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