Big-Time Boxes: Scott Flick

Tech: Scott Flick, owner of Lannon Auto in Milwaukee, WI.

Box: A Mac Tools M Class III Super Station Macsimizer with 2 side cabinets on each side. The set-up measures 16' long and about 7' high with over 190,000 cubic inches of storage space.

Profile: Flick says he's invested just over $100,000 in tools, with a Miller welder among his favorites. The need for a bigger box and tool arsenal stems from the shop's focus on diesel trucks and other 4WD vehicles that call for larger hand tools and sockets. The shop also services light-duty vehicles, which has led Flick to invest in higher-level, OEM scan tools. Additionally, a reputation for handling 4WD vehicles has allowed Lannon Auto to capitalize on selling and installing snowplows.