Can This Tool Offer A Better Read On ABS And Air Bags?

New from OTC is their CAN-enabled ABS Reader II diagnostic tool with:

  • A complete software package that includes 2005 ABS and airbag system codes, as well as data from the latest domestic and Asian software releases.
  • The ability to be updated in the same fashion as the Genisys™ and Nemisys™ tools.
  • Scanning and bi-directional control functions that include a graphic display, enhanced data, recording functions, PC software and access to all 9 modes of OBD II for powertrain diagnostics and turning off MIL lights on 1996 – 2005 vehicles.
  • A protective rubber over-mold and ergonomic design.
  • A 3-year warranty.
  • An Exchange Kit (3416-01) with all the necessary hardware and software for owners of the 3762 ABS Reader.

We gave an ABS Reader II to Rick Baker, owner of Rick Baker's Auto Service in Pleasant Hill, OH. His feedback on the new diagnostic tool follows.

The Review

Baker, who is also an Innovation Award panelist and ASE-certified Master Technician, offered these comments:

  • "I'm familiar with the Genisys platform, so that made working with this tool really easy.
  • "It's convenient to have a tool that I could not only check ABS and air bag systems with, but the global OBD II capabilities meant I could also check engine performance. That means I can pull this tool out in doing some initial diagnostic checks when a vehicle first comes in the shop.
  • "The tool comes with a variety of adapters, which means it's ready for use on multiple vehicle types right out of the box.
  • "The only negative was that the size of the screen makes it tough to read on road tests, but that's primarily because it displays so much information at once.
  • "To overcome this I used the embedded software that lets you take a snapshot of the information being collected. So I used this function and simply reviewed the data once I got back to the shop.

"Overall, I like the tool a great deal and would recommend it," concluded Baker.

For more information on OTC's CAN-enabled ABS Reader II diagnostic tool: Indicate 203 on e-inquiry.