Big-Time Boxes: Rick Allen

Tech: Rick Allen, owner of and technician at Rick Allen's Auto Repair in Hampton, NJ.

Box: A Snap-on toolbox purchased by Allen 1 year ago. The bottom section is made up of 1 box with 2 extra Snap-on boxes to cap it off. This box is approximately 12', 2" long; 29" deep and 68" high. With a capacity of more than 219,000 cubic inches of storage space, this big-time box holds 69 drawers.

Profile: According to Allen, "I love this box." While Allen says he uses mostly Snap-on tools, he also utilizes some MAC and Matco tools. He favors diagnostic tools. Some of his favorites include factory scan tools, as well as his Genisys™ from OTC, his VAG-COM from Ross-Tech and his Vantage PRO™ from Snap-on Diagnostics.