Innovation Award

Automotive repair products are introduced and upgraded continually.

S&G Tool Aid has released the versatile 32100 Electronic Stethoscope to help locate the sources of various leaks, as well as bearing noises, squeaks, rattles, valve knocks and other sounds.
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K-Line's handheld AT3635 Ultrasonic Leak Detector pinpoints leaks in weather seals; shorts and arcing in electrical systems; and pressure and vacuum leaks in coolant, A/C, emissions, hydraulic and power steering systems.
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The cordless 14.4-volt Power-Luber grease gun from Lincoln Industrial incorporates a two-speed design for higher pressure/higher volume delivery, so technicians can choose from more than one setting.
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Fluid Rx unveiled an ATF diagnostic kit with an included diagnosis chart that allows technicians to visually demonstrate the need for automatic transmission fluid services to their customers.
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