Recapping 2006

We all know in order to keep things fresh and our priorities in check, we must re-expose ourselves to information we’re already familiar with ... In an effort to make our past Shop Talk columns stick through 2007, I give you an abbreviated version of 2006. It may make a handy reference for the future.


  • “Get Onboard” mentions the fact that people tend to react with knee-jerk reactions in terms of economic conditions, such as the recent roller coaster of gas prices. Just remember, some times the “cyclical and self-recovering nature of a capitalist economy can be a wonderful thing” before you make any drastic decisions.


  • “Change Breeds Opportunity” reminds us that while any transition may cost us in the short-term (like nitrogen tire filling), if we market it correctly, we may be able to benefit from it in the long-term.


  • In “About That Time Again,” the column discusses the controversy of rate structures and how shops may not be realizing their full price potential. Your services are worth their expense!


  • “Show & Tell” recounts the history a technician builds of his career in his toolbox. Although the pride found in any technician’s toolbox is noteworthy, there are some that truly tell a story.


  • “Top 10 Buying Tips” highlights the following suggestions for purchasing new tools: 10.) know your need, 9.) do your homework, 8.) be demanding …


  • 7.) examine service after the sale, 6.) get a closer look, 5.) kick the tires (so to speak), 4.) compare and contrast, in addition to …


  • 3.) let yourself be sold, 2.) pull the trigger—meaning buy the product if everything checks out—and finally, re-evaluate.


  • “The Bigger Picture” aims to unite the independent automotive aftermarket in a call of duty—petitioning for the right to openly available repair information.