Motorcycle Repair Offers Steady Opportunity

Don't ignore the two-wheel techs when looking to expand your stops.

Mechanics have very little patience for unreliable or substandard equipment. Their reputation is on the line every time they touch a bike, and as with all specialized industries, reputation is everything.

Because most motorcycle riders covet their bikes, repair shops must take extra care in ensuring the highest quality work in a reasonable amount of time. As a result, most shops will invest thousands of dollars on the latest and greatest equipment from the smallest crescent wrench to the largest computerized engine diagnostic machine. They will also continue to invest money to keep the shop stocked with the best equipment.

Industry outlook

As one can expect, most motorcycle repair shops across the country experience seasonal peaks and valleys. In northern territories, winter months are typically slow with most mechanics working less than 40 hours a week. Spring and summer months will bring a considerable surge in business and mechanics are commonly seen working in excess of 40 hours.

Shops in colder climates will often hire mechanics for seasonal work only, or expand their services to include other small engine work, such as snowmobiles, to pick up slack during the slower periods.

In southern states, repair shops experience steady work as seasonal riding is less of a factor, and warmer temperatures allow for northern snowbirds seeking winter refuge a place to bring their bikes.

The motorcycle industry continues to grow at a steady rate. According to the Motorcycle Industry Council (, motorcycle sales projections are expected to remain strong over the next decade.

According to MIC, motorcycle usage will continue to be strong with the historically large proportion of enthusiasts, the 18- to 24-year-old males.

Recent years have also shown that a large number of the over-40 crowd has been purchasing motorcycles at increasing rates. This group tends to have more disposable income to spend on this type of equipment.

Industry analysts feel that as more people enter this age group over the next 10 years, the motorcycle industry, as well as other recreational vehicle industries, can expect to see an expansion in the marketplace. This increase can only mean a higher demand for qualified motorcycle mechanics, and thus, a higher demand for the right tools.

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