Finding a Reliable Specialty Tool Supplier

The mobile truck has a finite amount of space, and of course one cannot be expected to stock every specialty tool available. One of the most important factors when it comes to the mobile dealer sealing the deal with any customer is quick access to an extensive line of special tools whenever and wherever needed.

A source you can count on

The top factor in working with a specialty tool company is that you use a reliable company, one that can drop-ship tools to a dealer in need in the shortest possible turnaround time. For that, you’ll need to ensure that the specialty tool companies you use are organized enough to do just-in-time delivery on the majority of the products they sell.

A specialty tool company should also be willing to ship orders to your clients without stuffing a box full of literature on their other products, unless you request it.

The value to you from a specialty tool company comes from their ability to provide low-volume and hard-to-find special tools when clients need them, without you having to take valuable truck space from higher volume items.

A manufacturer that innovates

Although many “universal” tools are great at what they do, they don’t always have the flexibility touted. Many end up more job-specific than intended. Be sure to partner with a company that catalogs many true specialty tools, in addition to innovative tools that may be somewhat more general in use.

Pricing structure

Check thoroughly through a manufacturer’s suggested list prices. Compare with other suppliers to asses whether or not the suggested list prices seem inflated. Be sure the suggested prices seem realistic so that you get the competitive advantage you need, and your customers get the tool they need at a reasonable price to them.

Oliver Sir is the vice president of Sir Tools in Paradise, Calif. The company is a supplier of specialty tools and equipment for German, Swedish and Asian auto repairs. The company was founded by John Sir in the 1970s, after he began to invent and fabricate tools for his own use in his service station. To learn more about Sir Tools and its products, log onto