The Magic Trick to Closing More Sales

How to close more sales.

I think the Choice Close is actually just a different flavor of the Assumptive Close, but I tend to prefer it. Suddenly writing up an order can come off as very brash. Asking for a choice makes your customer feel in charge. As I’ve preached in this column before, “Success comes from being in control of the sale — without being controlling.”

Be real and be real successful

Again, these aren’t magic tricks. I don’t guarantee they’ll work every time on every customer. But I do believe, used properly, they can increase your closing ratio.

The key to successful closing is not pushing a customer into buying, but pulling them into a discussion. Ask sincere questions. Then be quiet and listen — really listen. Don’t interrupt. Don’t just nod your head and think about what you’re going to say next. Look them in the eye and listen.

In the final analysis, the most successful mobile jobbers are the ones that are genuine, put their customers first, and ask for the sale. No magic tricks required.

Phil Sasso is the president of Sasso Marketing, an aftermarket advertising and public relations agency. Sasso is also a speaker and a consultant. One of his favorite Pringle’s jokes: “Why was the computer tired? It had a hard drive.” Sign up for his free marketing tip e-mail on his blog at

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