Selling to 'The Staller'

Identify the problem without labeling your customer.

If you sense you're dealing with an undecided customer, your best route is often to arm them with information and help them do their homework. Give them the literature and the web site. Even tell them your cellphone number so they can call you with any questions, or to place the order the minute they decide to buy.

In either case, if you leave the customer unsold, be sure you make a note to follow-up. Next time you see them, ask if they've made a decision. Let them know if you've sold more of the same tool since you were there last. Even offer the person's name and shop. It will assure them that they are making the right decision.

Most importantly, don't let The Staller strike fear into you.

Phil Sasso is president of Sasso Marketing Inc., an aftermarket advertising & public relations firm. Phil is also a speaker and consultant. Sign up for his weekly marketing tips on his blog,

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