SOLAR Octane Series Wheel Chargers

Features and benefits

The new Octane Series from SOLAR provides a complete range of wheel battery chargers to meet the needs of automotive service professionals and fleet maintenance facilities. Other features include:

  • Enhanced Transoid transformer design for improved durability and increased efficiency.
  • Quad Force Rectifier design to meet the demand of everyday professional use.
  • Rugged, industrial-grade clamps for strong battery connections and efficient power.
  • EZ View control panel enables easy access to controls and monitoring of gauges during service.
  • Comfort walk handle provides hassle-free maneuverability in the shop.
  • Versa-Trex wheels allow easy mobility on any type of surface.
  • All units ship fully assembled.


The Octane Series was developed to bring additional enhancements to the SOLAR Wheel Charger product offering. The goal was to deliver a combination of improved charging performance with a more exciting exterior design for increased shop appeal.

SOLAR Octane Series Wheel Chargers allow distributors to offer a professional charging line from a brand that technicians and shops have known and trusted for decades. The Octane Series features a complete range of charging options, from the economical OS6110 12V battery charger with engine start, to the versatile OS6150 Fleet Charger that provides 6-, 12- and 24V operation.

The Octane Series offers reliable, multi-function battery charging for the professional market. All models offer engine starting assistance, most models offer multi-volt operation and several modes also incorporate a test feature that provides a quick snapshot of battery function and alternator output. In addition, the Octane Series features numerous design aspects to make using the charger easier, from the EZ View Control Panel to the Comfort Walk Handle to the larger Versa-Trex wheels that make for easy shop mobility.


SOLAR Octane Series Wheel Chargers feature the exclusive Transoid transformer for extreme charging efficiency and reduced heat generation. This means SOLAR Octane Series Wheel Chargers consume less energy during operation than chargers that utilize a traditional transformer. This also means that SOLAR Octane Series Wheel Chargers run cooler, which reduces stress on internal components, resulting in longer service life.

Selling points

  • Multi-function operation: Each model offers multi-rate battery charging plus engine starting assistance. In addition, several models provide basic battery/alternator testing capability.
  • Robust power delivery system, including the Transoid Transformer design, #4 AWG charging leads and heavy-duty clamps for efficient power transfer, whether charging or jump starting.
  • Delivers fully assembled, saving time and effort.

Suggested retail price: $250-$550

Contact information

  • Jim O'Hara Clore Automotive 913-310-1053