Understand the New A/C Standard from SAE to Sell the New J2788 Equipment

Understand the new A/C standards to sell the new J2788-compliant equipment.

Selling on price is an effective short-term strategy. After awhile it becomes increasingly difficult to maintain profitability without cutting back somewhere. In a competitive market, one must be able to show the value of a specific brand over another. Take the unique features and benefits of the product; assign a value per service to that feature, then multiply by the number of services performed each month and year. Turning the product into dollars actually helps sell the overall profitability.

For example, a new feature on the Robinair 34788 is the optional vehicle database, which provides a searchable database by year, make, model, and A/C configuration right at the vehicle. No longer will the technician have to leave the work area to access an external data system. The database includes refrigerant charge amount, oil type and capacity and replacement oil values when removing and replacing components. This can save a significant amount of time by keeping the technician at the vehicle instead of searching an external database. See chart for translating features into a value to show a potential buyer.
The value of any feature is always an open discussion. However, if you are with your customer and ask him to assign the value per service, I think the results will surprise both of you.

Finally, putting the wrong product in the customer's hands will only be a daily reminder that his expectations were not met. Assess the skill level of the user. Determine the frequency of the service in the shop. Determine if this will be a frontline piece of equipment or a backup to cover peak seasonal demand. Learning that information upfront will help you guide the buyer to make the right decision, making you a valuable asset to your customers in the process.

Services per month
(per service Value/Month

Recover 95 percent of full charge Use 20-percent less virgin refrigerant (.4lbs. @ $3.60/lbs.)
Charge accuracy within 1/2oz. No more hunting for optimal charge
Database Keeps technician at the car
Fully programmable Set up and walk away
Adjustable tank fill levels (4lbs. to 20lbs.)
Increased flexibility for larger systems $0.50
Multiple languages No misinterpreting the screens
Auto tank fill Don’t run out in the middle of the job
System leak test Reduces need for other tools
High-impact, non-marring plastic cabinet
Will not scratch customers vehicle $0.50 $25
Pneumatic tires Easier to move about the shop
4” caster wheels Easier to move about the shop
Requires heat belt No waiting to build tank pressure
Docking port for couplers Keeps them clean; reduces damage
Easy to service No tools and easy-to-follow instructions
Savings per year

Brian Berdan is the product manager for Robinair, a business division of SPX Corp., where he is responsible for leading product management for the company's Tools and Equipment business unit, to support SPX's Robinair A/C and fluids service and equipment division. www.spx.com

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