Beefing Up Your Sales

Beffing up your sales through upselling.

In fact, it was that simple questioning technique that the butcher my grandmother frequented would use. A seemingly innocent question like, "Having folks over for Memorial Day?," would turn into an upselling opportunity.

But remember, not every customer wants to be upsold. Some customers know exactly what they want, and they may resent you trying to push more on them than they want. So, instead of trying to upsell this customer, think of yourself as helping him "upbuy."

After you've asked enough questions to determine your customer's wants and needs, simply show him the next step up in quality or quantity that seems appropriate. Then explain the benefits and let him decide if he wants to "upbuy." Once he has all the information he needs to make an informed decision, the ball is in his court. You've done your best to help him.

As you can see, upselling can be a true win-win proposition. Your customer will feel confident you've present him with the most complete solution for his needs. And you'll have the opportunity to add an incremental increase to your overall bottom line.

So, no matter how you slice it, upselling is a good way to beef-up your business.

Phil Sasso is the president of Sasso Marketing, an aftermarket advertising and public relations agency. Sasso is also a speaker, a trainer and a consultant. And he enjoys grilling steaks better than burgers. Sign up for his free marketing tips by email at

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