Features and benefits

Megaboost introduces their pistol grip grease gun. Features such as a dual-piston design allow the Megaboost to switch between two modes and reach pressures of 10,000 PSI. At Volume Mode MEGABOOST will deliver a high volume of grease at low pressure for normal maintenance applications. For challenging application, like bearing under load or a blocked fitting, the MEGABOOST will switch to boost mode for high pressure at a safe low volume. Other features include:

  • Ergonomically designed MegaGrip handle.
  • Rugged design with high strength aluminum housing to protect internal components from damage.
  • An oversized inlet passage allows grease to flow freely, providing improved operation in cold temperatures.
  • Bleeder valve for purging unwanted air.
  • Delivers grease in either a full stroke or partial stroke when working in tight spaces.
  • 3-way loading with bulk, filler nipple or cartridge.


The idea for MEGABOOST came from the fact that most users prefer pistol grip style grease guns. However, pistol grip style guns do not always produce higher pressure when it's needed. Other types of grease guns, such as lever guns, can get higher pressures but are more difficult to use. The MEGABOOST gives users the best of both worlds with its pistol grip and high pressure options.

Selling points

  • Boost mode can unblock fittings or bearings under load.
  • Fully repairable with the purchase of its modular kit.
  • A unique slotted head design can accommodate a hook for storage or a shoulder strap for enhanced portability.

Suggested retail price: $99.00

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