What do your technicians really want?

Do you know what the techs on your route really want? You do if you've been listening to them and asking the right questions. It seems like "What techs want" has become an unofficial theme of this issue of Professional Distributor (though truthfully it goes hand-in-hand with the magazine's mission to provide you with the best information for all aspects of your job).

Listening to customers is a big part of Master Distributor Norma Girardin's day, and it seems to be working for her. Norma is our cover story and distributor profile this month, and she has some nice insights into her successful business starting on page 8.

On page 14, you'll find PD's newest feature to help you decipher where the tool and equipment buzz is. "Most Wanted" should be a priority read for you, as it lists the top 10 requested products from PD's sister publication, Professional Tool & Equipment News. If you want to know what techs are going to be asking about, or what product you need to consider stocking soon, this is the place to go.

How have your diagnostic tool sales been going? We've interviewed techs to see what they're looking for not only in diagnostic equipment, but what they want as far as presentations from their dealers. Check out our "Driving Sales" piece on diagnostic tools on page 28 to see what they're looking to find.

Finally, it's already half done - so how's your year going? Share your triumphs and tribulations with other distributors in PD's exclusive-to-subscribers forum on www.professionaldistributormagazine.com. You'll find new sources to share ideas with and find unique solutions for your business. Make sure to check the website for updates and news this summer until the August issue hits your mailbox.