In Focus: TEXA USA Axone 3 Mobile scan tool

Features & Benefits
The Axone 3 Mobile from TEXA USA Inc. is an OEM-style diagnostic scan tool designed for longevity and easy updates. Windows XP is the unit’s embedded operating system, and it diagnoses 1982 to current model year vehicles.

Other features include:

• SVGA TFT 800 x 600 touch-screen display
• Intel Celeron 400 processor
• Powered by a vehicle and/or next generation lithium battery
• No screen reset problems when key is cycled.
• Wireless communication, certified Bluetooth, GSM, Wi-Fi
• Integrated C-MOS color camera with pre-configured tests for all components
• Covers virtually all systems, including engine management, body systems, chassis, drivetrain and more.
• Covers all communication protocols, including CAN and EOBD.
• Customer database archive program saves all test data and graphs, and retrieves for future reference.
• Integrated camera, O-scope with preconfigured tests for all components.
• Compatible with European and Asian vehicles, including Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Porsche, Audi, VW, Lexus, Acura and more.

The AXONE 3 Mobile was designed in response to a growing OEM need to build low-emissions vehicles while maintaining sophisticated comfort features. Troubleshooting electronic systems on these vehicles can overwhelm even the most experienced technicians.
To meet the demands of the current and future automotive service and repair market, TEXA's objectives when designing the AXONE 3 Mobile were to build a top tester, and make it a tool that "never ages". It is logical to expect that automotive techs will be called on to repair systems not only in use today, but future systems in the developing hybrid, fuel cell and/or hydrogen technologies. For this reason, diagnostic tools must be able to upgrade to routines for maintenance procedures and electrical tests that don't yet exist, but will come in time.

Selling points

• By initiating the diagnosis process, users can quickly and easily access technical specs, wiring diagrams, technical bulletins and data sheets.
• Comes with all the European cables needed.
• Comes with a two-year warranty.
• One year of free software updates.
• Scan tool software program still active after free update period.

Contact information:
Art Chavez