Think Big!

How are sales? How is your first half stacking up against first half of last year? How close are you to your personal sales goals?

Hand out handouts
On your next visit to the shop, bring product literature and an ROI worksheet (the August issue of PTEN has some good ROI information and worksheets). Again take a moment to stop and see the owner. Let them know you'll be brief.

"I know you're busy, so I'll only take a moment …
"Last time I was here you said you might be looking for a ___."
Or, "Last time I was here I noticed you didn't have a ___."
Or, "One of the techs mentioned last week you could use a new ___."

"Here's a flyer on the model I like and return on investment worksheet I've filled out already for you. The worksheet shows the equipment payback can be less than six months based on your labor rate.
"Look it over. My cell phone number is at the bottom. Call if you have any questions. I can talk to you more about it next week when I'm here."

"Do you still think you'll be moving ahead with that purchase next month?"

Listen and take notes. Keep track of their timeline so you're ready to close when he's ready to buy.

Ask for the sale
Selling more equipment takes persistence. Try to check in every week until they buy something from you or a competitor. Don't be pesky, just ask if they have any questions, if they want a demo, if they need you to line up financing — whatever gives you a reason to just pop in for a minute or two.

Trying to sell more equipment may seem awkward, at first. Don't give up. After a few weeks the process will feel more natural. And the reward of a couple more big-ticket equipment sales every month can be well worth the few extra minutes invested.

Phil Sasso is the president of Sasso Marketing, an aftermarket advertising and public relations agency. Sasso is also a speaker, trainer and consultant. And he's ahead of his sales goals this year. Subscribe to his free marketing tip email at

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