What do you want from us, anyway?

No, really. What do you look forward to in each issue of Professional Distributor? As we look forward to our schedule of story ideas for 2008, we'd like to know more about what you liked in 2007. And, of course, what you didn't like.

We've heard your compliments and praise for each issue's cover features on a different mobile dealer. There are no plans to stop that. We try to get in plenty of tips (and pictures) to help you get an idea of what other successful dealers are doing (no matter their affiliation).

Some of you have asked for more selling tips — hopefully Phil Sasso's "Sales & Marketing 101" is helping there. But do you need tips? Or just encouragement and reinforcement in the fact that selling is a hard job, even to a captive audience? Or something else?

We've revamped the "Driving sales" column to speak less from the manufacturer's point of view, and more from the customer's. Have these columns given you better insight into what techs and shop owners are looking for in terms of information and service?

We're also trying to keep an eye on tools for you, from the "In focus" sections to coverage of the tool expos, and, coming very soon, AAPEX. Drop me a note of anything you'd really like to see covered from the AAPEX event this year, and I'll try to get it in the magazine or online at www.professionaldistributormagazine.com as soon as possible after the show.

Also, please send me an email if there's anything not currently in the magazine you'd like to see. Want more profiles on W/Ds, or manufacturers? Are you looking for more business-themed articles, like what you need to know on truck buying and leasing, purchasing business insurance, tracking inventory or … ?

Always feel free to talk with us, through the forums at the website, by email or just call. I like to hear all the feedback you have. Thanks!

Brendan Dooley
1233 Janesville Ave.
Fort Atkinson, WI 53538