In Focus: Lincoln Industrial FST Pro Fuel System Tester

Features and benefits

Lincoln Industrial's FST Pro Fuel System Tester, Model MV5545, combines pressure and flow testing with patented technology to quickly diagnose and accurately pinpoint common fuel system malfunctions. Other features include:
• Patented valve simulates heavy-load conditions while vehicle idles in the shop.
• Capable of testing both return and returnless fuel systems, including electronic control.
• Pressure gauge has a durable and accurate diaphragm design.
• Rubber boots protect the gauge and flow meter from damage.
• Flow tube is surrounded by acrylic shield to prevent accidental breakage.
• Glass flow tube is impervious to gasoline and other fuel additives.
• Utilizes SAE-rated fuel connections for safety and reliability.
• Includes 37 adapters for connecting to most automotive fuel systems.


The idea for the MV5545 arose from suggestions by service technicians who complained about the current inaccurate method of diagnosing and troubleshooting fuel delivery systems by pressure testing alone.

As a manufacturer, Lincoln created the FST Pro Fuel System Tester to save diagnostic time for the mechanic and reduce hazardous conditions in the shop created each time a fuel pump is mistakenly replaced. The MV5545 was designed to diagnose vehicles correctly the first time, and save fuel pump manufacturers the high costs of replacing or refunding non-defective pumps. It also saves warranty costs to automotive manufacturers.

Service technicians who use this product can substantially reduce the amount of time to diagnose whether a fuel system problem exists. Once a malfunction is proven, it will again save time by pinpointing the cause. All diagnostics are done in a safe and controlled manner while the vehicle is at idle in the shop.

Selling points:
• Saves hours of labor time spent diagnosing and troubleshooting modern fuel delivery systems.
• Allows visualization of fuel to detect impurities and air bubbles.
• All kit components are packaged in custom-molded tool case that is durable and easy to repack.

Suggested retail price: $1,065

Contact information:
Mark Allen