In Focus: Ingersoll Rand 2135TiMAX Impactool

Features and benefits

Ingersoll Rand Productivity Solutions' newly released 2135TiMAX delivers maximum power with 780 ft./lbs. of reverse torque and 1,100 ft./lbs. of nut-busting torque. With more than 10 percent added torque than the original model, the new Impactool weighs only 3.95 lbs., delivering a premium power-to-weight ratio for less operator fatigue. The tool's twin-hammer mechanism delivers more power per pound, and is less sensitive to air pressure fluctuations.

Other features include:
• A feather-touch variable-speed trigger and patented power regulator with enhanced settings allow better torque in a variety of demanding applications.
• One-handed forward-reverse controls allow operators to switch between tasks or applications.
• Optimal airflow means better tool efficiency and maximum performance.


The 2135TiMAX was designed by Ingersoll Rand as an update to their 2135Ti air Impactool. The new 2135TiMAX was designed following feedback from extensive contact with customers and users of the original 2135Ti. Overwhelmingly, users didn't want new bells and whistles, but instead wanted the improved torque and power of the 2135TiMAX along with improved control. Max power, max control and max reliability.

Selling points
• Comes with a free two-year extended warranty with tool registration.
• Less air consumption translates to a lower cost of ownership and less downtime.
• For added durability, the tool features a titanium hammer case, hard coat anodized endplates and both proprietary metallurgy and heat treatment processes.

Contact information
Russ Davies